Santee Alley: Fashion For A Very Low Cost



Today is saturday and it’s perfect weather here in Los Angeles California. Tons of people are gathered in the Santee Alley located in Downtown Los Angeles. This is a place that has shoppers ranging from stylists, tourists,  and maybe just someone looking for a really inexpensive outfit for the weekend.


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“This summer has been an extremely busy summer”says Antonio Sanchez, a women’s clothing store business owner. He’s not exactly sure why this summer seems to be a busy one but he says “its great for business.”




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According to The Fashion District, “The LA Fashion District spans 100 blocks. It’s all here: apparel and accessories for the entire family, textiles, flowers, even live/work lofts.”



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Samantha Robertson, a store employee says “there was a time when the economy was hit really hard and some businesses were forced to close down. Now we are picking up and are busy as ever. Its a great thing”.



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There is even a huge wholesale business located within most stores available to anyone. Individuals can inquire about it through its employees.


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“The Santee Alley Santee Alley really is an alley! Located within two blocks between Santee Street, Maple Avenue, Olympic Blvd., and 12th Street, “The Alley” is open 365 days a year from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.” , According to The Santee Alley.